The initial project is an attempt at a realistic rendering of a sky dome for any number of suns for most parts of the day. So far I have implemented an approach similar to what is outlined in Real Time Rendering of Atmospheric Scattering Effects for Flight Simulators

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gravity page A project for simulation bodies under gravitation in 3D.
average gephex module Gephex module (0.4.3). Takes a percentage as an input, where the percentage is the percentage of a color channel that is less in value than the rest. The value is the output. When the percentage is set to 50% the result is the average color (and the average brightness). A future 'inverse' module could take a color as an input and output the percentage of each color channel that is less than that input color channel value.
Slow motion module This take some video input and plays portions of it in slow motion. I realize now this is probably pretty easy to do in a graph with the buffer module, some kind of pulse signal and a signal generator, but here it is anyway.
Frei0r plugin dlls for windows This is just for anyone's convenience, I built all the frei0r plugins in mingW. The mixer type ones don't work for gephex-0.4.3 however. Logo